I ask you for your information so I can find the perfect apartment for you and I will email your custom list for you to see the apts. that meet your criteria.


1. Write my name on the guest card when you walking the Leasing Office.

2. Write my name on the Rental Application as your referring source.

3. Call me back to let me know where you leased...the apts. don't call us, its up to you to call me.


You need to do only  3  things

I'll call for Availability & any discounts

I Create Your List


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Your Apartment Search....Absolutely Free!


You let me know your 7-8 favorite apts. and I will call the day before you are ready to go out and leave your deposit. This way we can make sure your apartment is available!

  • Hardwood floors 
  • Stained concrete 
  • Granite countertops 
  • Marble countertops 
  • Antiqued cabinetry
  • Premium fixtures 
  • 2 Inch wood blinds
  • Premium appliances

Agent, Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


Mon.- Fri. 9:30am - 5:30pm 

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